Online Expense Tracking

This help page gives you all you need to help on topics related to the working of Bahaquote’s unique online expense tracking software. This will help the user to create expenses to display on the add quote and sales order form. Here you will know the method of assigning customers to the newly created expenses without any hassles. Get paid for the expenses incurred, do online expense tracking which is added to the sales quote and the invoice created. The user can also convert their expenses into invoice in a single click.

Add expenses

By clicking menu option Expenses, you can create expenses which will display on the add quote form as well as on the add sales order form. The expenses created from here can be added to the quote and sales order optionally. By clicking Assign to Customer, a list of customers will display. Select the customer to allot the expenses you created.
Expense list : A list of created expenses will display at the bottom.

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Expenses display on quote

Expenses added on the form will display on the quote as well as on the sales order form.

Expenses convert to invoice

Now you can convert expenses in an invoice so that you can receive payment for the expenses you incurred. You can also email this expenses invoice to the customer to receive payment.

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