Painless Free Invoicing and Expense System

For your business

Quote Software & Online Invoicing

Online Invoicing

Email invoices and get paid faster with PayPal or Create and send an unlimited amount of invoices through our proposal software and accept payments from an unlimited number of clients.

Quote Software Solutions and Conversion Ratio

Go from estimates to invoices

Create estimates, have them approved and then convert them to invoices, and even accept partial payments on the account.

Online Quoting and Billing Software

Recurring billing

Use recurring billing and send out invoices daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. The system maintains the complete Statics of the estimates, orders and expenses generated by the system.

Integrated Payment Gateway Solutions

Monitor Expenses

Our proposal software provides all needed assistance on billing expenses to clients and maintaining the dunning report, and instantly you can find out which client’s payment is overdue. Control of expenses is the most crucial part of business

  • Email campaign to run on specified time.
  • Target campaigns based on buying behavior
  • Easily create campaigns to promote your store
Invoice Software and Feature Integrations

Integrated Solutions

We can integrate the sales quote software with any CRM solution like SalesLogix®, Salesforce, and SugarCRM or even integrate with your website, give us a call and we will help you work it out.

  • Attach an expense to your invoice to re-bill in seconds!
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Assign & Rebill Expenses
Free Quoting Software

Buildable products

The free invoice software system is so powerful; you can create buildable products for example like computer with options for memory, hard drive ext.

Online Mobile Invoice Software

Mobile Friendly

Totally mobile friendly solution, use any device to access your business. Create the invoice right in front of your customer.

Quote Software and Product Manual

Product Catalog

Import complete products in the free invoice software system, using easy to use template. Very user friendly

Store Frequently Documents


Store frequently used documents in the library and you can attach them to any invoice or proposal

Custom Quote Software Solutions

Fully Customizable

The online proposal software is fully customizable; give us a call 909-634-3900 a friendly Sales rep will happy to work out the quote for you.

Online Invoice Software


Summary of your business performance

BahaQuote CRM Solution Support System

Help & Support

Help is available and most issues are responded within 24 hrs. Monday to Friday.

Quoting Software Package

Email Marketing Campaigns

The toughest part of any business is to keep in touch with your clients. BahaQuote online proposal software makes it easier, and you can create a full email marketing campaign and even schedule emails 7 days, 15 days or any scheduled time ahead. The complete campaign works hands off, you set it up once and it works like a clock.


Custom Scripts

Customized Applications and Development

A custom solution within the free invoice system, relates to the priorities based on the needs and preferences and how well your requirement is met, is paramount. What do we look for at the end of the day? We need maximum flexibility to get software to work for us according to our individual caters to its client with off-the-shelf solutions architects to assure flexibility at the maximum level possible. BahaQuote is designed for optimum flexibility. Knowing that there has to be solutions fulfilling custom needs of a customer through our application, therefore; we have engineered the best proposal software into BahaQuote. It offers a user flexibility to make changes that satisfies his or her distinctive needs.

We stress off-the-shelf free invoice system with customized UI elements, a unique algorithm-defining price, user-friendly interface to in-house systems, custom client feature and more. Every need is taken care off by an excellent team of representative always ready to help and trying their best to answer requests, queries and suggestions. Updates can be done from a time to time basis without any feared breakdown of the system.

Our custom proposal software feature includes:-
  • Customized Pricing Algorithm and Lookup Resources
  • Quote-to-Order Feature, custom Business Rules for Anytime Approval
  • Automated tools for content creation and content rules
  • Custom User Interface elements for information lookups, timely notification and processes
  • Well integrated scripting tools with e-commerce help feature

Distributor Catalog Integration

More on Pricing and Availability

At Bahaquote, we assure that our clients get the best possible information available on the pricing, online proposal software and availability of the product. Data that is relevant to a product or a service stands paramount alongside the information you have about your customers, documents and spreadsheets. Irrespective of how you furnish information to your customers, whether it is internal or external is not a problem. We integrate our free invoice software to your product data on hand to enable us to use it when required. We can integrate any type of data provided by your distributors whether in spreadsheets, another form of files, documents, data generated in real time or individual quotations sent to you. No more information diving! It is simple or rather we make it simple for you, with the data coming to you in no time, to save your valuable time for other grave tasks.

Productivity is important and Bahaquote team of professionals helps save you time that could otherwise be spent in creation of quotes and proposals. The productivity factor greatly influences your sales resources at the time of sale. Ready access to information relevant to pricing and availability within the online proposal software ensures the benefits of automated services to keep the data new and updated at all times.

Our Features include:-
  • A dynamic assemblage of product information to control the accessibility option during the quoting process of the proposal software.
  • Support on the part of distributors including real time purchase orders placed through tracking of shipment and XML RSS feeds
  • Standard data Integration formats like ODBC data sources, spreadsheets and CSV files.
  • Direct integration of the product system with all standard types of files used in the free invoice software system like Excel/CSV documents.
  • Mapping of price files, lists and schedules
  • Automatic update of existing price quotes through a refreshed distributor database.
  • Multiple organization of tool sets for file mapping, generating real time feeds and managing the catalog server.
  • Constant support in case of new updates or feature introduced by distributors and incorporating those in close co-ordination with the proposal software development team.

Proposal and Form Designing

Extraordinary Quote Delivery System

One of the core features of the Bahaquote free invoice software is its Online Quote delivery and execution system with special focus on its designing and presentation. “The Look is what matters” but leading businesses often underestimate it and concentrate on other things. What they don’t understand is that the designing of a proposal, form and creating it to an impressive and satisfactory level stand as important as developing the online proposal software. This works well when it comes to attracting new customers and affects the overall presentation, the richness of the data, enhancing your company brand image and professional skills. Our professionals will look into a current business graph, coordinate with your marketing department to properly manage the design to go in accordance with the product for which quotes are generated and furnished to customers. How they get access to your free invoice software and the method through which it is presented and the overall layout that will further help in successful image building and branding is what matters here. It adds control, links, videos and other extended content to the quotes generated.

The Proposal and Form Designing includes:-
  • Form and proposal template design feature within the online proposal software .
  • Word document integration
  • Compatible templates of the pages where data are entered and of those where your customers see the quotes.
  • The best review of the design feature to comply with certain additional features like presenting revenue earning details, designing payment and invoicing page, the package page design and user interface designing and more
  • Full information on website friendly and copyright free graphics that can be used in the document available.

Designing of the Order Page

What you get here is excellence in service. The services go hand in hand with our innovation in business to give you unmatched service right from the online proposal software, quoting, designing of order page, branding of products and an altogether sophisticated quote delivery system. What more? Yes there is an exception; you will hardly find any service with innovation and an all new interactive shopping experience for your customers who will now access instant quotes, view product details and a well designed order page.

Those collaborating with us will be proud of their decision to join us as we cater to their custom needs more than any other free invoice software service you will find. Users get the benefit of customization at every step of their business endeavor, right from proposal creation to the generation of the purchase order and invoicing. We take care of the branding, messaging and corporate image of your product and services the moment it is ready to be proposed for expected sale. Users have the option to either design their order page themselves through our support or let our team take up the hassle and design the best for your order page.

What we do?
  • We take up designing, branding and messaging from what exists in your system which you want us to incorporate and integrate.
  • New controls and functionalities are added with videos and elaborated content.
  • A Huge list of templates to fulfill various requirements relevant to the overall look.
  • Control on how many features to add in the proposal software and how to place them inside the wrapper of the page.
  • Online help and assistance from our design professionals.
  • Start by selecting from our huge list of templates and modify as per your requirements.

Product Catalog

We have made it Effective and Manageable

What was managed single handedly with limited resources and was painstakingly maintained earlier, is now designed to virtually control a vast sea of resources and a huge catalog spread across the World Wide Web. What we can accept from a proposal software service provided today is on-time product updates, its details stored a well managed database and maximum flexibility in the product catalog to be managed from almost anywhere through mobile applications. has its well-managed product catalog where the sales representatives are happy to add products virtually with every quote proposed. Users will have their own heavily guarded, full featured and well-managed product catalog.

The catalog server works on the user’s network, provides with product data for team of professionals to come up with ready and reliable quotes when asked for and delivers resources for its accurate management and upgrades. The catalog server of the online proposal software works for the user’s own catalog in his website, the ones downloaded from outside sources, the supplier catalog and the price availability list proposed by the supplier.

Catalog Features:-
  • Catalog Server for ease of product catalog management.
  • Dynamic display of product data loaded from CSV files, text files and ODBC sources.
  • Rich content data fields and online proposal software that supports both standard and custom data.
  • Product data access from the user’s network and from own web servers meeting needs of multiple offices, internal user base and for Bahaquote sell and order porter.
  • Compatible with all Bahaquote platform clients.
  • Low cost structure with automated free invoice software tools and functionality.
  • The catalog server is easy, reliable, fast and is more beneficial because of its automated features and functionality.
  • Compatible with all types of product data thus saves on the expenses otherwise incurred on multiple servers.
  • All time universal access to the Bahaquote software system that works for its clients to help them keep note of how things are working for them.
  • A courteous and helpful sales representative team to provide all time help and support.
  • Use of product data from the user’s website and still integrate it with Bahaquote proposal software.

BahaQuote Mobile Interface

Instant Mobile Free Invoice and Proposal Software

Bahaquote is clear and very specific when it comes to adding new technology. The quote delivery system is now a step further with the mobile application introduced for quoting on the move. Bahaquote guarantees accurate quoting even when mobile and helps in considerably compressing the sales cycle. Your sales representative will be happy to help by handing over quotes to potential customers and winning their loyalty with accurate quoting and proposal creation.

  • Working on free invoicing mobile platforms like iPad, Windows 8 tablets, Android or any browser-based mobile device
  • Local support provided for Apple iPad applications and Windows 8 Tablets
  • Mobile platforms with browser compatibility
  • Reporting on iPad applications
  • Template based free invoice software, proposal and form creation
  • Product catalog access on mobile interface and complete Etilize™
  • CRM integration on all Mobile platforms
Mobile Benefits-
  • Helps in shortening the overall sales methodology of the mobile proposal software system thus saving time and money.
  • Instant quotes immediately whenever required.
  • A considerable decrease in Quote turnaround time and on-time quoting.
  • Easy mobile configuration and accessibility through Bahaquote Visual mobile interface.
  • Best mobile functionality that is discoverable, impressing customers and instant approval.