Painless Online Invoicing and Billing Software

Bahaquote offers complete online invoicing and billing software designed to seamlessly integrate with any business. We, at Bahaquote, make sure you have ready access to a sales method that takes you closer to the process of quoting fair prices and doing painless online invoicing. We revise the method periodically and it is attached to available products and services. The best part of our online invoicing and estimate software is to create proposals and quotes, manage expenses, create invoices, accept payments anytime or anywhere through a functional and user-friendly design application.

Bahaquote online invoicing and customized billing software, is an altogether combination of robust features comprised of recurring invoices, auto payment retrieval into your account, and a full email marketing system. Such features allow the user to create, send, and track professional email marketing campaigns. The quality of the proposals and the invoices generated are no longer hooked into individual sales representative’s talents. The process involves the utilization of a custom tailored version of the catalog server for end users and sales representatives.

We can customize the system in 24 hours, so that it is built around your business' particular needs. Our secure payment system is partnered with leading payment gateways like PayPal or Adding customers was never been so easy with an interface which is user friendly. In addition, customer and product data can be imported into the free invoice software system via pre-designed templates, saving you endless hours of data entry. Online invoicing solutions are by far the most trusted of all leading to guaranteed profits.

Online Invoicing with the Features & Solutions You Need

Online Invoicing

Your account is accessible from any computer or mobile device, and your data is always backed up and secure. Bahaquote is built for small business owners who need a simple, all-in-one invoicing solution. You will be logging expenses, invoicing your clients, and getting paid in no time.

Product Catalog

You can import your current product catalog seamlessly into your account with an easy-to-use template. You can also import customer and service data.

Integrated Solutions

Stand alone integration with CRM solutions like SalesLogix® and Salesforce, and real time data module integration.

Professional Email Marketing

Notify your customer’s automatically about specials or sale items or create your own custom email marketing campaigns now included in our billing and estimate software

  • Email campaign to run on specified time.
  • Target campaigns based on buying behavior
  • Easily create campaigns to promote your store

Get paid Faster

Get paid faster with online payments. The billing estimate software accepts payments by credit card, PayPal, or It does not get any simpler than this.

  • Attach an expense to your invoice to re-bill in seconds!
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Assign & Rebill Expenses

Mobile Quoting

Bahaquote online billing mobile application allows you to quickly send invoices and check on your business no matter where you are.

Help & Support

We'll help you get up and running quickly and easily. For questions or assistance send us a email or call our trained support team.


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Complete Online Invoicing & Billing System

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Create Proposals and Quotes

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Log Expenses & Invoice Customers in Real-time.

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Professional Email Marketing System

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Easily Import Customer and Product Data

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Import the Complete Catalog of Your Products

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Attach Images, PDFs, or Any File to the Quote

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Simple Invoicing System Ready in 5 Minutes

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Mobile Friendly

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instantly Add New Products and Services

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Maintain an Inventory of Your Products

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Store Frequently Used Documents

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Supports Multi-Tiered Pricing Levels

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Fully Integrated Email System

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Integrates with Salesforce and SugarCRM