What to Look for in a Free Quote and Invoicing Software?

What to Look for in a Free Quote and Invoicing Software?

We always look for convenience within a system that is less complex and faster than the other products available virtually. This very well applies to the process of sending price estimates to customers. Compared to the manual process of quoting and estimating we now have its online counterpart in the form of automated software solutions offered free of cost and a system that minimizes the level of complexity and give us flawless quotes. However, before that you will preferably be willing to know what makes an online quote software complete with loads of benefits offered to its users. It is essential for us to know what is required in a free quote and invoicing software making it part of your profitable investment.


Easy Online Invoicing Features


Before the purchase of your free quote software and invoicing system pay heed to the following features and make sure you have it integrated within your free quote and invoicing software:-


  • Automated features to enable the user to add and modify details within personalized admin sections.
  • Add product and modify with ease of access.
  • Add customer detail to the database with all customer names available in a drop down menu.
  • Product Catalog with enlarged list of real time XML based information
  • The catalog integrating with documents with information available in excel spreadsheets and ODBC records.
  • Quote approval complete form developed with automated e-mailing of verification links and login credentials.
  • Secure data transfer at all times
  •  Cloud accounting for flawless estimates generated.
  • One click estimate sending and invoicing to customers.
  • Calculations of expenses and adding to quotes generated.
  • All in one invoicing solutions and logging in expenses.
  • Target campaigns specific to buyer behavior.
  • Recurring Invoicing, tracking, updating and monitoring services.
  • Management of information in the most articulated manner with full ease of access.
  • Campaigning of the product and management of the same.
  • Scheduling campaigns and reminders.
  • One-click acceptance and instant e-mail confirmation.
  • Integrated solution to incorporate within the system static documents along with dynamic content intermingled to offer more feasibility.
  • Product Catalog Server for anytime product data accessibility.
  • Features with tools that can create dunning reports after billing process and keep a check of the status.
  • Integration with latest CRM like SugarCRM and Salesforce
  • Payment gateway integration with PayPal, Authorize.net and other reliable payment providers. .
  • Single dashboard for each member
  • Periodic reporting and statistically arrangement of data.
  • Sending quotes and email to stored customer database, input images and descriptions to each quote.
  • Continuous availability of inventory data, supervisory controls
  • Management of expenses, discounts and promotions
  • Registered membership with dashboard secured with SSL.
  • Mobile application with all similar feature to create and send estimates,


Through the complete platform and feature integrations, users will be create new campaigns email marketing without requiring expensive professional services. The most interesting thing is that a long list of registered customers, get extra help or advice through 24-hour support and trouble shooting.

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