Tips on getting paid faster

Are you a Freelancer or owner of a small business? Then you have to know the importance of Invoicing. From Freelance to small business everyone worries about getting paid on time.  Here are five simple but effective tips on how to get paid faster. 

Use the Right Tool

If you are paperless then you can start using one of these online invoices and save both of you time and money.


      As the name goes, Simplybill permits you to make solicitations easily. Truth be told, the organization gloats that it has been intended to be the simplest web based invoicing arrangement out there. You can start using it 14 days trial and the price starts from $5/month

  • Harvest:

       Like the other online invoice systems, Hervest is also a popular system. You can build up personalized invoices in many currencies.  Harvest   promised to get you paid two times faster. It also has some features like PayPal, so that it can be easy for you to find previous invoice. It has a 30- day free trial pack for the users and pricing starts from $12/month


      It is popular for its features providing for different size of businesses. Invoicera offers free PDF convertible invoicing templates or a different currency for the clients around the world.
Free plan is available for the subscribers and billing starts from $20/month

  • WAVE:

Wave has services for small businesses and the main service is accounting. It is also a invoicing system like the rest. It helps you to create personalized, professional invoices in a blink. The most appealing feature of WAVE is it’s a free online invoice system. 

  • XERO:

It is a top class accounting server with a strong invoicing. Some expected features are available here. But the iconic features of XERO are- you can add inventory to your invoice, you can apply credit notes and get paid easily by a payment link.  Plans on XERO starts at $9/month.

  • Freshbooks:

It has over 5 million users.  Beginners will find the place incredibly easy and friendly use. If any user face problem then it has an award winning 24/7 support team will be always ready to help you. Freshbooks provides everything that you need.  It offers a 30-day free trial and plans start at $20/month.


Right Contact:

Make you sure you are sending invoices to the right contact when you are ready. Maintain good relationship with the client and it will help you to get paid on time.

Checking Calendar:

Before you send your invoices to the client to get paid, take a look on the calendar. Is it Sunday? If yes, then don’t bother to send your invoices. Try to do this on Thursday as it is the business day. 

Keep in Mind:

  • Discuss detailed payment terms
  • Keep detailed records of work
  • Keep the invoices simple

Following Up:

Day to day follow up is necessary. If a client misses the deadline take the following steps:

  • Resend invoices as a reminder.
  • If that doesn’t work, try to call your client or send a message and then talk calmly about the payment.
  • You tried but the client still not paying then take legal action.

Running a business is not that easy sometimes. Most of the time, you have to get into a fight with the client for your payment. Follow the five steps and your payment will be safe.