The Top Three Custom Features for Online Quote and Proposal Software

Price quote estimation is no longer limited to manual processes. With a proposal and price quote software integrated to automate services, customization is the next thing to go for especially when customer needs are diverse and a business is growing at a considerable level and also those competing with it. At such a scenario, customization offered by quoting software as a service is very beneficial.

The top three customized options to look for in online quote software are as follows:-

Custom Scripts

Customization starts from its very core, right from the development stage so that users find the quote software more flexible to changes that they would most probably be implementing as the need arises for it to do. In other words, the changes are based on end user requirements and adheres to what their client needs are and personalize the quote proposal form and order page as per their free will. Custom scripts can be developed for special listing as per client specifications which is also implemented for various other in-house interface, compatible internal system tools, and custom resources used for lookups and other third party integration. Custom coding is done for special pricing formula, interface to an in-house system and for user interfaces.

Customized Integration

Custom integration with user-friendly tools and upgrade of business application enabling third party integration and application choice, based on preferences is another benchmark achieved by many business entities today. The system integrates with payment gateway options, QuickBooks accounting software, built-in product catalog, distributor catalog integration and other custom solutions meeting industry standards as well as defined by the user of the software.


Custom Quote Software Content Management Solutions


Users can now personalize content management solutions used and design the form and proposal for quotes through the web-based quote software at the click of a button. The product display page along with the quotes can now have image thumbnails, product reviews, compare price chart and comments features all customizable as per user requirement. Content can now be made searchable and indexed flawlessly and with different custom permission levels and access options for customers. Any admin member with a secure access can update the database or delete inactive customer accounts and make changes in product details.

These three custom quote software solutions puts into effective use Microsoft technologies and open-source technology with custom solutions developed showing relevance to advanced technology like mobile quoting recreated for iPads, Android and windows phone.  Quote software package offers like we have in Bahaquote uses a comprehensive set of custom codes based on custom predefined rules set by the user of the online quote software who will be eventually use it satisfying his growing preferences, expectations with the guarantee to function flawlessly for advanced tasks and sales management.

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