Quoting Software with Features Benefitting Businesses

One important and crucial step for generating a profit oriented sale is to propose the best quote with all support documents. Many would think it to be a time consuming cumbersome effort but with technological advancements the creation of a proposal or submittal package with price quotes for product and services can easily be taken a step forward.


New Quoting Software Feature

Sales representatives designated with the task of quote submission, are getting consistent in their approach with a tracking system for the proposed quotes through the free quote software with the opportunity to anticipate what their customers need and thereby assembling a quote, working out formatting of PDF files with product details and creation of static documents defining terms and conditions and dynamically generating package details.

Sales representatives generate quotes from flat rate categories. The special module on quote management has an online catalog creation feature and tools that help, with which the product database can produce quotes, configuration information and any other details considered important. The enhanced features in some also include the reminder option and more of a rules based management sent to managers for pending quotes.


Proposal Software Features

 Compatible Solutions with Application Customization

Compatibility is the key to success in quote management. Any off-the-shelf application should be flexible enough with world class scripting with guaranteed security. Modern and advanced quoting software brings you an application with special pricing algorithm, in-house system to generate quotes, interfaces related to the specific in-house environment, custom client feature on boarding interfaces and custom UI elements. Application customization is available in the online quoting software. There is full coordination between the core scripting team and the client in need of quote management services. The compatible solutions include-Custom pricing algorithms or lookups, Customized business rules, custom UI elements, customized integration with the internal processing system, resources available and with other viable third party tools.

 Feasible Integration

Any business that is involved in quote generation service should make sure the system integrates with uniquely interactive management modules. Any available system should be able to provide feasible ways to integrate with the product data feeds to instant reference at just a single click. Make sure it integrates so as to provide details of the quotes generated from time to time. Whether it is real time data feed generated by the group of distributors you have or a downloadable price or file with quotations or individual quotes, it should very well reflect in the sales process. All features of the quoting software should integrate with the CRM system or other applications.


Product Catalogs and Availability


Your customers, documents and the product information available are the three vital areas to consider in a quoting software system.  Product data which is compliant and fair pricing information is the need of the hour. The quoting software should bring data to its customers when needed and on time should be able to map any number of price files, lists and schedules. The catalog should have an expanded list of real time XML based data and the viability to integrate with standard data file formats, Excel/CSVdocuments, ODBC data sources etc.  The multiple tools available should partake and support the distributor data integrating with the system from mapping of real time data feeds to supporting the Catalog server.


The quoting software that works for your business must leverage knowledge based platform and skilled sales team to generate quotes and convert them to a successful sale. Any new or existing quoting software should be productive, compatible, must have a product catalog and should integrate with advanced modules and automated technologies for quote generation and management.