Quoting Software with Cloud Computing- It Protects your Data

“Cloud Computing” uses a shared computing environment for the quoting software with data stored off-site rather than kept inside in-house databases. It is an internet based computing known for its excellence in data management and secures access hence protecting data from phishing schemes, hacking and any damage caused to the physical place of storage.


Standard Strategies Leveraging Quoting Software Methodology

  • Computing based on the cloud that adapts to a fast and responsive process with large amounts of price quotes generated in nick of time.
  • Secure access with several levels and layers of security for the online quote software.
  • Price quote estimation with accurate quotes as a result of precise product information and what is expected from a product. A quote doing justice to these two aspects.
  • Centrally based data storage linking to client computers and application server protected and stored off-site.
  • Intuitive experience and flexibility.


Data Protection from Threats

  • Any damage caused to the property and computing technology used for the quoting software is taken care off.
  • CRM integration with Salesforce.com which is a cloud computing company to supervise data flow, make it user friendly and secure through tokenization and information encrypted once it leaves the company servers.
  • Any threat to the data is next to impossible as there is a defense mechanism working at all levels in case of any possible breaches of the security norms or any kind of bootleg access.


Cloud computing system for quoting thereby builds trust between the provider and the business who believes in the cloud based system for its accountability in protecting data to the very core of its existence. The process and the information available are based on real time feeds and at the same time recognizing the up-sell and cross-sell capabilities of a business entity.