Painless Online Invoicing & Billing Software



BahaQuote is pleased to announce a new comprehensive list of updates & added features to our exemplary Invoicing & Billing Software. We have added a host of new features that our customers have requested, to create the most comprehensive software solution & user experience available. We here at BahaQuote we are constantly adding new features to our Billing & Invoicing Software Solution. Our web based software is the most comprehensive Billing & Invoicing solution available, with professional email marketing, multiple users, as well as optional complete customization for your companies’ specific needs!

Painless online invoicing & billing through our web application, Android application or iOS application; Passionately dedicated to meeting & exceeding your goals!


  1. Extensive Purchase Order Module
  2. Create Multiple Expenses At One Time In One Screen
  3. Convert Multiple Expenses Into One Invoice
  4. A Invoice Refund Feature
  5. Import Or Export Products
  6. Import Or Export Estimates & Invoices
  7. A Product Barcode Reader
  8. Add A Credit Amount To A Customer Account
  9. Add custom fields On Invoices or Estimates
  10. Add A Custom Invoice Number
  11. Automatically Maintain Product Inventory - Adding & Deleting stock Amount
  12. Customer Credit & Debit Report
  13. View Your Expense Report By Category, Date & Customer
  14. Show Estimate Listings By Weekly, Monthly & Yearly
  15. Daily Report Summary 
  16. Multiple User Set Up With The Ability To Add Sales Rep Users
  17. Ability To Gather A Customer Signature on Your Invoices & Estimates
  18. Currency Setup
  19. More Effective Filter & Sorting Features
  20. Send Reporting via email
  21. Add A Discount As A Percentage
  22. Backup & Restore In The Google Cloud 

To have a customized solution for your company or if you have any questions on a enterprise ready solution, feel free to contact us!