Online Quoting at Bahaquote- View Quote, Edit and Send through Online Quote Software

In the previous blog we told our users about method for online quote creation and steps leading to fair price quoting and successful creation of proposal packages through the free quote software. The blog here is a continuation to that on where you can view, edit and send the sales quotes generated.

Free Quote List:-

Here in this section users can check for the quote list created as shown in the image below:-



Edit quote:-

In this section and page the user gets the opportunity to make crucial edits to the quote added in the create quote page of the quoting software and viewable in the ‘Quote List’ section. Users can edit quote information and details pertaining to it like the product for which sales quote is created, the terms etc. The history of the changes made will be visible here.

Save & Email quote to Client:-

Here users can save and e-mail their quotes after all required edits have been made. The e-mail will be sent by adding the e-mail id in the page that opens without having to open respective e-mail accounts. Here all respective files and documents can be attached for the customer to peruse and go ahead with the approval procedure. There is an inbuilt library in the online quotes software with all files available. Refer to the image below:-

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