How to start my online business

Starting a business of your own is a great temptation. But starting it from scratch is something that intimidates many people with no experience in setting up their own business especially so if you are setting up a business on the Internet or what we call as online business.

Before you decide to start the relevant activities to make your presence felt on the Internet my recommendation is always make a feasibility analysis and feasibility of your project.

The first suggestion before deciding on one business opportunity or another is to determine what is the subject that you are passionate about. Something that really makes you work pleasantly, that is. That your business will not become a burden to you but otherwise. You should not see any difference between work and fun, and that can only be achieved by working on something that truly appeals to you.



Once you have defined your passion, you can now be able to define the profile of your target audience. That is, the profile of your ideal visitor that you would like to receive on your website.

Imagine him by name and try to know how old he is, what level of education he has achieved, where he lives, what his interests are, aspirations, passions, questions, etc. Editor’s note: This step is known as developing "people" who are archetypes. It is recommended in marketing to define user groups.

The next step is research, you have to go online to find out what kind of information already exists regarding the topic that you are passionate about. See if there are people or companies that are already offering solutions to your perspective target audience, how they are doing it, how much they are selling it and under what modalities they do it.

In other words you should investigate your competition and the other way to do so is by succumbing to your electronic newsletters, buying their products. In this way you know exactly what they are selling and also a teaching that you will not see in any textbook is that you will have access to the sales process, you will see with your own eyes the step by step of the sale process of your competition. You will see if they have systems Upsell, unannounced bonuses, appropriate customer support, etc., etc. This will arm you with a very powerful marketing intelligence.

One of the things that you will see or hear me say with a lot of passion is that "there is no need to reinvent the wheel". Start selling what people are already buying, get where there is a need and a desire. Then at this point, ask yourself the question of how you can improve the solutions offered by your competition or find an empty space that your competitors have not yet been able to fill.

Before launching with everything to prove when business idea crosses our mind, it is necessary to first test the viability of it. After all it is easier and cheaper to discard an idea before putting it into practice if we see that it has little feasibility to have the success that we are waiting.