How to Get Faster Payments from your Customers?



As per market analysis, the present situation is asking for profitable sales in order to survive in this competitive web world where everyone is trying their best to achieve greater results and more leads. Creating that leading edge is most required and for this, web owners need to identify selling methods and introduce features to get faster payments.

Fast Payment Gateway

Below are some viable features helping in getting paid faster:-

Unlimited Invoicing

Online invoicing and recurring billing features are part of the advanced feature integration, which includes management of payment receivables and monitoring of the same. Tracking of payment becomes pre-requisite and online invoice software come in handy in inducing customers to pay faster as product information given in invoice is accurate with a link that redirects to the payment page. It takes care of payment transactions keeping a record of the transactions done and of those under process. The unique dashboard feature assembles all-important feature in one central location for the user to access and manage.

Recurring Billing Option

Companies are introducing a more comprehensive approach towards receiving payments faster and on a continuous basis. This is the recurring billing feature for charges received either annually or weekly and quarterly. The Recurring-billing feature will automatically send invoices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis based on the set criteria already defined by the users. The system will send reminders to customer with overdue payments after the due dates of payment and will remind before the payment due date arrives. A proper scheduling can also be done to set the date of e-mailing and triggers can be set defining the criteria that is set for the reminder e-mail. The user can also set recurring billing terms and intervals.

Cloud Based Accounting

Cloud accounting is getting the most required recognition and becoming advantageous and induces customers to pay much faster with increased amount of trust that is gained on the seller. The estimates send are cloud accounted with secure data flow about products and price trend analysis with anytime access. This makes the estimate generated, very genuine and fair. The price data is secure and backed up. This in turn encourages the buyer to go ahead with the purchase and thereby increases the possibility of receiving faster payments.   

Campaign Management and Scheduling

Users can create new campaigns email marketing without requiring expensive professional services. The software uses long list of registered customers and may add more. All the tools necessary to develop a campaign is just a click away. New campaign is designed based on the product information available along with and is automatically e-mailed to customers. The scheduling option will send reminders to customers in case of delay in payments or non-payment. This feature also facilitates tracking of sales lead and following up loyal and well paying customers with promotional offers. .


These are some of the features included in Bahaquote  online invoicing and billing software that aims higher towards building trust and helping buyers getting paid much faster than others competing in similar business.