Free Quote Software - Quote Approval Procedure

In the previous post we mentioned about the create quote features of the free quote software and how it can be viewed in the quote list page. The user can edit quotes before sending to the respective customers asking for it. After the required edits it can be saved and e-mailed to the customer with all relevant files attached to the mail. The next important thing is how the customers view the e-mail and how to go about it further. Here comes the most crucial part when the customer look for the quotes generated and approves it to purchase the product or service.


Screenshot of Email received by client:-

This is what the customer receives in his e-mail from where he will be redirected to the specific page to approve or decline quotes. See the picture given below:-



Free Quote Approval Form:-

The quote approval form is accessible through the e-mail that the client receives with the proposed quote. The client will have to click on the link provided to access the quote approval form. The client will be redirected to the page shown below to approve or decline the quotes sent to him.


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