Fair Price Quoting – Affordable, Comprehensive and Flexible



Proposal Software Solutions

A proposal or submittal package for the most accurate quote generation and management is a vital part of the sales method. Online services dealing in quote approval and assistance on anytime quoting makes sure you have ready access to a sales method that takes you closer to the process of quoting fair prices which is revised periodically and is attached to available products and services. Though regarded expensive, we have developed reliable, very affordable and altogether comprehensive software, empowering your sales representatives to come up with result oriented quoting and submittal packages for your clients to help them obtain and manage both new and already existing prospects. 

Quoting software and solution for price estimation hardly needs any of your support. The quality of the proposals is no longer hooked into individual sales representative’s talents. The process involves the utilization of a custom tailored version of the catalog server for end users and sales representatives. The universal access to the catalog server for users enables a fast and responsive process. The server provides for the needs of users on their own network and serves up product data for mobile interfaces accessible from anywhere at all times. 

The results generated are properly cross-checked for possible flaws in documents that are well formatted and presented in PDF files along with both static and dynamic documents available in a single package. The tools are designed in a manner to control the product database to generate accurate data, sale statistics, drawings, product specification and configuration details and other relevant details pertaining to the product. 

The quotes software pricing is flexible depending on what the custom needs of the client are and the package chosen. This will also allow the sales representatives to work according to set rules and regulations as defined in the package along with automated tools to calculate surcharge and commissions.