E-mail Marketing Strategies to Help you Win

 E-mail marketing stands paramount today, even when you are confident that your sales team is quite efficient. The efficiency of your sales team is not enough if they do not know how to leverage sales to its optimum level through effective e-mail marketing. It is not just sales to new customers who hardly know you but more about attracting attention of old clients and customers who bought from you. Your invoice generator software and the online expense tracking software takes care of the invoice and expense management respectively but marketing of products should be given equal importance.

Recent studies reveal that more personalized e-mails to past purchaser can induce clicks by 98%. Friendly e-mails directed towards individuals with their names are meant for users or shoppers who have bought from you recently. They can possibly go selective on other products or relevant product of interest. They will more likely view the e-mail and click on links directing towards the product page of the invoice generator software. But these things cannot be tried on customers who are new to you.

Never Get Over Friendly

E-mails that sound too friendly with names of the customers used in the line that greets them can face the biggest threat of getting ignored. Looking into the various threats that online web surfers and invoice generator software users are quite familiar by now, getting over-friendly e-mails addressed to first names of the customers are often left unread and land up in the e-mail trash. The most known threat is off course e-mails with links to follow or simply the unsubscribe button can land anyone in trouble.

Use Trigger E-mails

Trigger e-mails get effective with regard to promoting a product and ascertains the right time to actually promote a product so that marketing efforts do not go wasted. This is a revolutionary automated method of product promotion which is automatically triggered on user defined events. The events are specific to the purchase pattern or buying behavior. Trigger e-mails can be directed when you see a specific change in the customer’s buying behavior or when the browsing history shows a change of interest or an aggravated interest of the customer on a particular product. The trigger setting can be done through the admin section as available in most online invoice generator software. Here is an example of how to do it:-


Here you can set the event and the possible time you want the trigger e-mail to be sent to specific clients. Here the dealer can work promptly and accurately and send the e-mails on time.

Maintain Blogs

Writing and maintaining a blog with relevant topics of discussion like on online expense tracking software and more posts about products, new features, latest updates, news and awards can induce customers to come for more. Blogs are one thing that can catch up attention. Make sure the blog is updated regularly or at least twice a week to let the audience know you are active and very much into the habit of keeping your clients up-to-date on new products. Here you can add links to the product page that you would like to promote. The posit

ive reviews about your site and comments on the blogs also help your business take the leap of success and forming larger client base.

E-mail marketing is one thing you should concentrate upo

n after creating invoice through the online invoice generator software. Sending invoice and getting paid is not the end of the road as you need to induce clients to keep coming for more with more enthusiasm and trust on your product.