Distributor Data and Other Language Support

The catalog server provides with distributor data to help during database updates of product specs and other details. It will enable the user to furnish real time data to customers gathered from the vendor or the distributor. Irrespective of the type of data or its format, the product catalog is very well integrated with new and updated data. Updated data becomes crucial at the time of quote creation and the sales representative will be happy to get real time data from the distributor that inter-mingles with existing product data.

The distributor data has the following benefits:-

  1. Free dynamic quote software with unique listing of dynamic data and full control over the accessibility option during the quoting process is underway.
  2. Full support on the part of the distributor to help in drafting purchase orders using real time data and in tracking shipments and XML RSS feeds.
  3. Direct integration to the product system especially helpful during quote creation, management and tracking of orders.
  4. Full mapping of price files, lists and schedules.
  5. Vendor support when new updates are made to guarantee its accuracy. 


Free Dynamic Quote Software with Language Support

BahaQuote free quote and online invoicing provides with language support for more languages and planning a step ahead in adding separate blog section for people speaking and reading foreign languages. The quote software and invoicing facility is available for businesses in Spain, China, Japan, France, UAE, Germany, Italy, Russia, Portugal and for people of Netherlands and other Dutch speaking countries with full-translated websites for ease of reference and usage.

Feel free to visit online and access the language pages through the index page drop down given at the top right corner just above the contact number.