Create Quote Manual for Quoting Software Users

Now when users know about the method of adding customer and product information and after successful creation of the customer and product list the next most crucial part is to get the quote generated. This help manual helps you ascertain steps that lead to fair price quoting. Given below is the step by step procedure on how to use the online quote software for its main purpose for which it has been developed and that is to create quote for products and services.

Create Custom Quote for Products

Users will have to enter the subject like ‘Quote for the Product’ and something similar to it and select ‘Quote Stage’ option. Use the ‘add (+) button’ if nothing is found in the list to add the stage of the quote generation to open. Similarly add specific terms set for the quote on whether the proposed price quote will be acceptable in cash or through credit cards etc.  Enter all other relevant fields like expiry date of the quote and the company client name to which the quote would be sent. There are options to select the product, quantity, discounts and adding expenses to the proposed quote. Save your quote, cancel the data entered, click on save and send to enter the page where e-mail of the client can be entered to send the quote created by the user through the online quoting software available at

Watch for this blog for more to follow on how to go further with the create quote feature of the free quote software.

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