Cloud Based Online Proposal and Invoicing Software- The Benefits

Online proposal and invoicing software business encourages cloud computing with a centrally located control node hosting all the programs running on remote machines. The entire accessing of data and use of software related applications for quoting is web based and can be accessed in web browsers only after secure password entry by admin members.

Here are the benefits of cloud computing Proposal Software:-

  • Full administration power in a cloud based computing interface.
  • User friendly and very secure
  • Presenting with an altogether comprehensive on-line quote solutions
  • No more crucial data hunting as everything comes handy at the click of a button.
  • Information is properly catalog and kept secure within the cloud makes it less vulnerable to threats.
  • The cloud permits multiple numbers of invoice creations once the quotes get approved.

  • The quote creation page of the online proposal software consists of several options like ‘Quote Stage’, terms, expiry date, discounts and expense calculator.
  • Multiple invoicing facility after sales order generation.
  • Create invoice in seconds and save and e-mail link available with a drop down of valid customer e-mail IDs.
  • Bulk e-mailing of invoices and recurring billing feature.
  • Cloud Software taking care of estimate creation, e-mailing, invoice drafting and sending it to the customers.
  • Quote to invoice feature that converts estimates into invoices.
  • Payment gateway integration and payment transactions carried forward by secure and trusted payment gateways like PayPal..
  • A cloud based system accepting partial payments and creates invoice for the same and as and when the pending payment is made.
  • The reporting feature is largely the most detailed in all aspects with full statistical reporting of estimates, invoices and expenses.


The cloud computing has seized the normal ways to leverage quoting methodologies making them more customer friendly, accurate and doing justice to what's expected of a product with relevancy its worth and availability.