Campaign Module for your Online Billing Software

Modern technology is fast evolving and with it, we are moving towards the world of online billing software technology which is all about minimizing paper work and getting into automated, machine governed invoicing and billing. It is more viable, quick and user-friendly. This technological innovation also looks into the need of keeping prospects intact with on-time effective campaigning. In order to assure regular payments, the seller should send subsequent reminders to the client for the next payment due and for this we need automated campaign and reminder system for regular payment flow.

Campaign Management

Managing prospects by proper campaign management is the only possible solution to have a 360 degree view of your prospects. The online billing software and its online campaign management system will eventually help the user to design attractive promotional e-mails which in turn can be e-mailed in bulk or depending upon the filtered list of interested clients. Just enter details in the fields provided, choose from already designed templates or add your own user defined CSS class, customized links, preview your campaign and send it to preferred customers and clients after choosing e-mail ids from the database. The preview of the campaign e-mail can be viewed in both HTML and design format before sending.

Campaign Listing

This feature will list details of the campaign which are added to the emails before scheduling and setting trigger criteria. (We shall explain about trigger in the later paragraphs of this write-up). The list also presents with trigger details and its status.

Campaign Scheduler

Imagine having software that does the work of scheduling of when to send e-mail reminders or a simple hello e-mail to a client. The scheduler is a one of its kind system that will generate schedules with specific fields available. The online billing software can this campaign scheduler with a start and end data and the schedule set into weekly, monthly, quarterly or as selected from the drop down menu. This will in turn ensure guaranteed payments and also keeping prospects aware of latest developments.

 Campaign Trigger

This feature is something new you will come across and is available only with selected proposal software available, with one being Bahaquote. It lets the user add criteria levels on the basis of which triggers are set for selected customers and e-mails can be sent to them. Just add criteria and save the trigger and e-mails will be sent automatically after the set criteria are met.

The user therefore defines the campaign and all the details pertaining to it. This feature encourages periodic payment flow and a happy client base that are up-to-date with latest information and other promotional offers and discounts. Add it to your proposal software and make thinks easy for yourself and your clients.