Incorporating Technology Software for Online Billing Incorporating Technology Software for Online Billing , is a leader in incorporating technology softwares, offering advice and facilitate the handling of billing processes and control costs for individuals, small and medium enterprises. offers a variety of services  and online invoicing and expenses system to help you take better control of their finances and improve the management of marketing your business with just a few clicks .

Online Billing Software

Through its online billing system, you can make estimates , create and send unlimited invoices via email and can manage payments quickly and effectively through PayPal or systems and even accept partial payments in bills. You can also have a user friendly recurring billing system that allows you to perform the respective collections of daily, weekly , monthly or annually. And for peace of mind and availability of information , you can also access the full statistics of all estimates , orders and expenses generated by the system.

Cost control is a very important part in business , so you can keep better track expenses and maintain billing and claim reports generated by facilitating access to information immediately from anywhere. Bahaquote also has a mobile application running in Android mobile which allows access to the system from any device.

You can also import your entire product catalog in your account through the system and customer data and services using simple and user-friendly also offers integration with CRM solutions such as SalesLogix ® CRM , Salesforce and SugarCRM.


Bahaquote not only helps you manage your business finances , but also strengthens communication with their customers, and that through this system, it becomes easier to keep in touch with customers, creating marketing campaigns through email. The system of email marketing is one of the most comprehensive services offered and can even schedule your messages for a specific time .

Bahaquote offers its services for free. It is a great cloud service provider that serves more than 200,000 users all over the world and lets its customers manage their finances and payments quickly and effectively.