Bahaquote Feature Integrations Along with Free Quote Software

Best of Features

Bahaquote incorporates best of feature integration for businesses aiming higher to gain an edge in price estimation through free quote software, making it more effective and approval friendly. With many interactive features internet and web based solutions are things worth implementing. goes a step further with its mobile application along with already running invoice software and outlook e-mail facility.

Mobile Applications

Bahaquote will soon be launching its mobile application for quoting and managing services. The mobile interface technology works on all native and new platforms like Windows Phone, iPad, Android and other compatible solutions. Mobile quoting will make instant quoting and approval a dream come true with sales representatives handing over proposals then and there along with other feature like reporting, template based quote generation and working well with Latest CRM systems like  

Invoice Software

Most free invoice software comes inbuilt with software that handles quoting of products. Bahaquote quote approval leads to purchase order creation and management of invoice with full product and payment details including the mode of payment choice, the country to be shipped to and additional expenses added to the price quote and like wise discounts offered. Unlimited number of invoices can be created and e-mailed from a single page quite smoothly and efficiently.

Outlook E-mail Configuration

Not just the free quote software, Bahaquote nurtures its clients in the most possible and effective manner and for this a sound customer base management is required and also for the price quotes sent. Customer nurturing also includes tracking customers of already paid and those lying pending. Using outlook for this purpose can be a boon to business especially when it tracks customers or send follow up e-mails. Bahaquote offers MS Outlook configuration for e-mails within its application developed for quoting. Right from sending Quotes to its invoice e-mailing, contact details are stored in one place with corporate e-mail designs to choose and lots of other features with links to add customer remark and suggestions.

For more details on the free quote software visit at or speak to one of the sales representatives at +1 (909)-634-3900.