Bahaquote Create Customer Help Manual for New Users

Create Quote Help Manual

All those who are new to the quoting world can get all needed online support through custom quoting  help manual and training tutorials, explaining the step by step procedure for effective quoting, price estimation and all related queries on how to send quotes and go ahead with the sales process. The quote software‘Add Customer’ functionality is explained here with the help of screen shots of the pages the users are going to access.

New user registration is free of charge for the quote software available online as offered at Register with Bahaquote to access all of your enterprise application on-line. The quoting software comes absolutely free of cost for one team member. Register and enter user details like name, e-mail, etc. On successful acceptance an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail ID provided.

Go to Bahaquote package offer page at

On getting into this page rummage around for packages on offer. Then click on the ‘Sign Up’ button as shown below:-



Payment Information:

1.         Free/Trial User here only 1 user register for this selection.

2.         Quote software Package choice is obtainable to register as well as single user or 3 users to avail quoting services. Use the payment gateway solutions available for paid software subscription.

Enter obligatory fields and click on Register. Receive an automatically generated email sent to your registered email id to activate user, follow the step, get verified and then use the login credentials entered in the registered form to Login to the account activated.  

Log In 

As you click on the link provided within the email users will be redirected to the login window of Enter Email and Password to Login. On activation of the account, users will enter their login credentials so as to access their individual secure admins.

On successful registration and login to specific accounts, merchants willing to sell their product get access to the quote software and the create customer option, to add customers, read account details, relevant tasks and report. Similarly they can add products, expenses etc. But we shall come to the other features later.


The menu choices within the online quote software include separate sections in the "Getting Started" page and here the user gets the feasibility of managing everything from a single page.  Here the user can add customers, create quotes, add many other attributes like adding product, new account creation, quote order conversion into sales order and more

Create Customer

Users can create customers almost instantly. The online help manual is also available for all time support. Users can refer to the manual from time to time. Click on client icon or choose client from left side menu.



Customer List

The customer list search option lets you search customers by choosing set criteria and the search term in the box provided as highlighted and explained here. Select the customer to view and edit details already entered. User on registration will not be able to access this page as there will have add customers first to be able to view this page, they will be redirected towards the add customer page to add customers. 


 Edit Customer

Customer Detail Form

Each and every detail pertaining to a specific customer can be viewed. The points to note here are:-

1. Quote Created by the customer.


2.  Sales Order created.


3.  Updates and edits on quotes and the sales order.


4.  Specific Task details.


5.  Details of files uploaded.



This manual is helpful to create list of already existing customer base and new customer with their details added in the database provided by the quoting software. Watch out for this blog for more help manuals on Add Product, Create Quote, Expense, Tasks, Sales Order creation and more.


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