Add and Manage Product Manual for Quote Software Users

Online Quoting Add and Manage Products

Advanced online quoting software solution is the most trusted and well featured option available today. Quotes software solutions have unambiguous architectures to permit you to integrate into your product information feeds to access data at your fingertips. The product category lets you add products and all relevant details through a single click.

Create Product Option

Here you'll be able to add details of the new product that you just wish to feature within the product listing page with all product relevant information available in the database. Here you can also add categories to a product


Product List

The product list is available to the users once products are added through the create product option. The product list will then show the list of products added into the database. The product list shows the all relevant details of the product added like its name. Product code, price, date of creation, status with edit and delete option for each product. He access to this area is secure and password protected. There is also a search field available to search for any particular product.



Edit Product:-


As mentioned earlier, the product lists has edit and delete option for each of the products available in the list. The edit option will enable updates done to the product information. Save your changes before signing-out from the page.


Hope this manual offers solution for users  new to the e-commerce and will now be able to add products with ease and use the quoting software with confidence. For more help visit

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