5 Mobile Apps Every Travelling Businessman Needs

  The time when businessmen needed pen and paper is long gone! Nowadays, all they need is a smartphone or/and a tablet. Most contracts, invoices, business meetings and etc. can be completed via devices we have just mentioned. However, all the power of smart devices is in the apps they use. If we combine these two aspects, we get apps specifically developed for traveling businessmen. They are mandatory in this line of work and they definitely should be used. We choose some of the best and the most needed apps of this kind. 1. Invoice & Billing by BahaQuote This is simply the best app every businessman should have. If he is a traveling businessman, then the app is even more needed. The main reason, why it is so useful is the fact it can work without the internet, needed when you are in theforeign country or at some place where the internet is aluxury. Nevertheless, the app offers a lot of features. Just some we must mention are: tracking payments, monitors and analyzes expenses and estimates, track invoices, showcatalog, add new products and etc. 2. Concur Concur is another app completely developed for businessmen on the go. It allows you to sync the data and the schedule with the office, making sure you will be updated with the latest info and details from your team or superiors. Using the app is very simple and it has a modern user interface. The developers claim that it has been designed to be used while traveling, so simplicity is a must. 3. Handshake The app in question is developed for processing orders and sales in real time. It is probably the best app for people who are looking for new clients and have long-term contracts with current ones. You will get detailed reports related to the sales. Just some additional features include previous orders, assignments and etc. 4. Asana Asana isn’t the main app you should have, but as an addition, it is priceless. The main purpose of this app is to help you get in touch with your team, back at the office. It will allow you to get the latest news, changes and the additional tasks. All of this is packed in a simple and friendly user interface. The bottom line is that we honestly believe, each traveling business who has a team must have this app. In addition, it offers additional features, all related to the team communication. 5. Skyscanner All traveling businessmen have one thing in common, the need for rental cars, hotels, flights and etc. Skyscanner will do all the hard work instead of you. It will compare the prices and show you the best possible choices, for every single trip. It also helps you with book-in apps. The bottom line is that you need this alternative in order to make traveling simpler and quicker at the same time. For the best performances, using all 5 apps is highly recommended. All of them are needed in their own way.      

Mobile Invoice Application – Now Comes with Added Benefits

Mobile invoice applications integrate with existing websites and come with alongside benefit of inbuilt advanced features of the online proposal software for your e-store with customized web site templates with major payment gateways, payment tracking, help desk and BPO, live chat, merchant account integration and more.The purchase order and invoice for your business is a commercial piece of information issued by a buyer to the seller with types, quantities and prices of products and services. But there is more into it with less paperwork and an online process which is fast, flawless and easy to interpret. The ecommerce online proposal software integrates into existing systems and online invoice generation software which involves management of all types of purchase order and tracking of orders and invoices.Most modern e-commerce software specializes in invoice management services, generates order report, manages inventory, Accounts, Live chat, CRM, expense analysis and many more to add on. The mobile invoice application purchase order and invoice management module provide with information on order status with active features like automated purchase order and invoice generation, automatic emails, order tracking and order history of purchase orders to the vendors made available to gain utmost satisfaction of the store owner.There are proven tactics followed with best practice of the online proposal software ready for use that not only improves the efficiency with which an order is generated but something that is advantageous to business professionals with a far-reaching framework which is less expensive and an effective ecommerce. The software has its mobile invoice application software for managing the orders generated and making the seller secure on occasions of refusal of payment by the buyer for the good and services as mentioned in the invoice. It is not merely online proposal software that optimizes the program but it also demarcates non-valuable resources and mitigates them so as to ensure full use of value added resources for better return on the investment made. Such features mitigate the possibility of unfortunate shopping cart abandonment that often takes place because of unfair proposals generated through the proposal software. The software mobile invoice application also has the same features and benefits as highlighted above. There are more that you can get with a total comprehensive help and support features and FAQ section and live chat assistance.  Bahaquote provides with invoice app and mobile applications that adds onto user benefits and make them way ahead of their competitors in generating anytime flawless invoices which encourage fair price quoting with distributor catalog, expense tracking and pending order reminder facility.