Price Quote Estimation Software – Quote Software Key Features

The leaders in online quote software technology are way ahead of other manual and cumbersome methods of computing and quoting prices for products. There are integrated solutions available with CRM to manage customers and their relevant data available along the tracking of daily communication, e-mail reminders, follow up and marketing. Many services provide integration of accounting software to help manage receivables, payable, calculate expenses and more.

Latest CRM Solution

The latest CRM solution that integrates with existing web assets and the free quote software are SugarCRM, the most acclaimed and trustable source, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Connectwise etc,. The real time data module integration service works in close liaison with Accutech Data, West Coast, Supercom, Arbitech and more.

 Key Features

  • Customized solutions developed for your sales force within 24 hours.
  • The proposals and submittal packages are based on static and dynamic-generated documents.
  • Custom scripting
  • E-commerce system integration with quote and order systems through API and other recognizable web services.
  • Direct e-mailing of quotes from the proposed system itself.
  • Units and dollar volume based on product and region
  • Project management based on custom requirements
  • Offline modules even when not connected
  • Dynamic business trends
  • E-businesses with secure transactions
  • Increased revenue and higher returns
  • Integration of third-party software system
  • User interface elements as per custom needs
  • Application customization
  • Form and proposal design training
  • Integration with the latest in CRM solution with Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and
  • The mobile interface for anytime quoting
  • Accurate price estimation delivery system with expense calculator, and immediate notification of approved or declined quotes.
  • Constant management and monitoring facilities.


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