Integrated Quote Software Solution for Higher Quote-To–Cash Conversion Ratio

The online quote software should meet clearly defined guided selling standards that encourage use of compatible integrated solutions and proper management of both up-sell and cross–sell opportunities to increase the revenue flow. The use of a questionnaire especially made available to the sales representatives for ready updates is given to customers without making them wait for long.

The Process

The conversion ratio is determined by the methods implemented by the quoting software in use. The sales representatives for your business will now propose quotes based on analysis of algorithmic rule, a company owned quoting software system, quotes based on dynamic business trends, marketing analysis and compare pricing. The first step in ensuring that your quotes convert to sales is giving more to your customer than just the price quotes. Make your quotes look professional with complete information on the product or service for which the price estimate has been done, the details of the product, its benefits, reviews, compare prices, and discounts etc. The crucial part is price estimation of a quote that goes for assured approval. With a professional looking quote with integrated CRM and sales logistics management the quotes are bound to materialize into cash. The approval of quotes takes the step further towards, negotiations, signing of contract and the final payment and revenue (Cash).

Anytime Support

The back-end support should make data access feasible and less cumbersome. The back-end must have features like invoice generation, shipping calculator; data add, modify and delete features and must upgrade as per changing versions and demands of the customer. Remember, a solution that is flexible to changing requirements, user-friendly and has a secure back-end is the one in demand.

Outsourcing Development and Consulting

There are online resource to services catering in outsourcing development and consulting to advice on the best product in line. The services are result bound and a no compromise deal when it comes to its design, code, test case or documentation. There are integrated web-based tools and guided selling methods of quoting, analyzing visitors, participating in order tracking, purchase order creation, management of catalog server and distributor catalog integration.

All this and more are added to the quote software features at

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