Integrated Payment Gateway Solutions and A System that Monitors Payments and Expenses

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In this totally vulnerable web world reviewing your payments becomes a neccessity with integrated payment gateway solutions. Bahaquote offers many advantages, making it the most chosen for with features like creation of proposals and quotations , the ability to bill customers immediately and in real time, a system completely and totally professional Email Marketing , import the catalog of their products as well as customer data , attach any type of file such as PDF or images and also a simple billing system will be up and running in 5 minutes.

Bahaquote is extremely efficient and is able to receive their payments in a flexible and immediate way , this way and with the help of our efficient integrated payment portal you can get paid to payments online and also may accept payments with PayPal, and more relaible payment providers. The benefits you get through integrated payment system is that you can attach a cost to your bill in this way , in seconds , re- billing, also helps with recurrent and re bill allocates costs and expenses.

Integrated Payment Gateway

The integrated payment option of the online billing software is very easy to use , you will see in detail all the payments you have received from any of its customers , all the details are visible on the page itself irrespective of whether the payment was total or partial. It is also important to note that you can enter the details of the payments in 3 different ways , the first is manually, the second is through an email that is sent to the client requesting a specific payment amount and the third is through the credit card you registered.

There are more viable ways of monitoring expenses and payments coming and adding them to the estimates without any fear of suffering losses. A dunning report is created the moment a payment is overdue. The expenses are billed separately in the invoice thus providing full transparency to the customer, building their trust on BahaQuote estímate service and online invoicing.



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