Distributor Catalog Integration- Quote Software Integrated Solution for Product Data Management

The manual process of quoting is prone to errors not only with the price quote estimation sent to customers but also in its management of relevant product data. Is the data correct, relevant and complete? Are there any points of contradictions and overcharging of the product leading to incorrect or exorbitantly priced quote estimation? These are some questions haunting a reseller and web-based quoting software with distributor catalog integration can help get the answers through the features enumerated below:-


The Features include:-


  • Dynamic listing: The product information page dynamically changes and controls various other accessibility options.
  • Standardized integration: Rule based integration formats similar to what is found in spreadsheets, ODBC data sources and CSV files.
  • Mapping: Price files are properly mapped along with other lists and schedules.
  • Distributor Database: A refreshed distributor database for price quote updates.
  • Purchase orders in real time: Real time purchase order generation by shipment tracking and XML RSS feeds added in real time.
  • In-house support: Support to the admin in case of updates done to the product information and any new feature added to the existing product portfolio by the distributor which goes in close co-ordination with the development team.
  • Tool sets: There are tools sets in the online quote software from multiple organizations that are adequately used for real time feeds, mapping of files and better manage the product catalog server.


More info in the feature page of the website under distributor catalog integration at http://www.bahaquote.com/Features.html