Customer Focused Integration of Catalogs


Quote Services

At Bahaquote, there is assurance of making correct information available on product availability and pricing of products. The software is integrated with the information available from the client. There can be integration of any kind of data. The information furnished needs to be integrated. This distributor catalog integration is real time, based on the documents, spreadsheets and other files shared by the clients.

The client needs to get no more information. The quotes and proposals are based on the information shared in first go by the client based on which price quotes are created by means of the web-based quoting software available online. This information will also be used to create perfect invoices in nick of time through online invoicing software. The quotes and proposals making is a time taking task. The services provided by Bahaquote make it easier and timely for the organizations.

The information is integrated in such a way, so that it is ready to be used and to be shared with the client. This distributor catalog integration is so quick, rather we can say as quick as 24 hours. There is automated service feature to keep the data updated at all the times. The productivity is also influenced by the information integrated for the organization.

The quoting and online invoicing software process needs dynamic integration of information, in order to control the accessibility option. The real time tracking of shipment of products is also possible with the distributor catalog integration.  This helps in integrating the product system with all types of standard files. There is mapping of price lists, schedules and products. The updating of pricing files is automated and regularly refreshed via distributor’s database.


The tools required for mapping the catalog server with real time information can be done with this dynamic software. There is a provision of constant support for new updates or introduction of new characteristics by the distributors. The development team is constantly updating the software to meet the dynamics of the changing technology.

Bahaquote is an online quote delivery system, with online execution that also deals in billing software and invoicing management. There is a focus on presentation and designing the information. The leading businesses just don’t understand the presentation styles and focus more on other aspects of the proposal. The professionals of Bahaquote help in attracting new customers with new graphs and marketing strategies.

There is a need of huge coordination among marketing department, and production team for which the quotes need to be furnished to the clients. The methods of sharing quotes after creating it through the online quote software, has a huge impact on the brand image of the product. The quote template design has to be appropriate meeting the needs of the customer.