CPQ- The Next Generation Quoting Software

Still stuck to the conventional price estimation that forces you to face losses and quote rejection? Why not acclimatize to something that extends to accurate quotes, more approvals and higher conversions. Deploy configure price quote software (CPQ) which implies next generation quoting with assured benefits. CPQ covers the three main processes- Configuration, Pricing of products and services and sending quotes.


Eliminating errors from the quote is a real challenge for manual processes. Even when upgraded and replaced with advanced solutions, it will be prone to errors either while analysis of data relevant to the quote or some inconsistency that might arise in the price set for a product.

According to a recent estimate- “The revenues increase by a considerable 5% as a result of CPQ deployment.”- Gartner


The CPQ features accelerating quote approvals:-


  • Fast, easy and accurate quotes
  • Configure, price and quote anytime
  • Cloud based quoting software
  • Product catalog integration
  • Distributor catalog and data compliance
  • Creation of assured customer satisfying proposals
  • Increased quote approval turnarounds
  • Accurate product selection and pricing based on correct data.
  • Best product combinations
  • Guided selling features
  • Take care of special customer requests
  • Role based security across all sales channels
  • Custom business rules and UI elements
  • Custom script development of the quoting software
  • Up-sell and cross-sell visibility
  • Multi-language support
  • Escalated profit margins
  • CRM and ERP integration within the CPQ architecture


The sales cycle is properly channelized with zero or no possibility of errors reducing price roll-outs time and quote approvals happening in the nick of time. Best product combination are set which is based on the data accessible is the CPQ advantage along with constraint based configuration, real time pricing and successful quote creation eliminating errors to a larger extent.  



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