All That You Wanted to Know About is an online sales platform operating system designed to provide advice and to submit the package. It is largely profit-oriented real-time web-based quote software. The company was created by Andy Singh. The company operates under the guidance of Techwave Inc’s. Techwave is headquartered in Pomona, California.


Online Invoicing Software Company USA


Techwave is a known B2B e-commerce company. The company's services to its customers in the U.S. and other parts of the world bring the value is much higher than its competitors, including India, are rapidly developing as an IT hub.

Techwave company efforts to move further with a professional team to develop its latest offer of quote software and online invoicing and billing software for a variety of customers. The company has developed the all-in- one software to generate quotes for products and services.

The quote service management, including the sales quote software and supporting documentation works towards accurate quote assembly, quote generation and reasonable price. It provides customers with the quickest and most effective service delivery and management quotes.

Bahaquote sales management process has the following features:-


  • On time capturing of sales leads through third party API.
  • Faster lead distribution through prior assigned rules to follow.
  • Accumulation all related data to qualify leads.
  • Customizing the entire lead generation and management process based on business to business and business to consumer as done in an organization.
  • Lead history analysis and payment history
  • Business process with gross profit analysis
  • Sales management software for sales performance analysis with respect to a particular lead and the profits earned.
  • Quote generation and order processing
  • Full notification of lead activity i.e. the number of visits, e-mail interaction and clicks.
  • E-mail campaigns and auto responders.
  • Online Billing Software

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