Add and Manage Customer Help Video

Online websites have become a viable source that brings in effective quoting and invoice software solutions to help earn revenues by generating accurate quotes for quality lead generation. Software engineers have developed cost effective sales quote and invoicing software for their customers to help them obtain and manage their new and retain already existing prospects.

There are several modules within the software to help customize the user as to what he needs as per what clients demand out of the services offered. One such module is the ‘add and edit customer’ feature to make customer data available through the drop down that will appear in the create estimate and invoice form available with the system. This makes data compliant and relevant to the customer asking for estimates and willing to pay after invoice is sent. This will further encourage on-time payment receivables. We have a detailed help video that demonstrates the entire process.

Online Invoicing Software Help Module



This is in turn is beneficial for quicker quote turnarounds. Notify your customers automatically about specials or sale items or create your own custom email marketing campaigns according to the data available. Email campaign to run on specified time. Target campaigns based on buying behavior and easily create campaigns to promote your store.

To know more o the set of robust features, such as recurring invoices, auto pay into your account, and a full email marketing system that allows you to create, send, and track professional email marketing campaigns. Check out the Online Invoicing Software Help Manual section.